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Ministry of Women and activists are calling for legislation laws equal between men and women

Critical Readings of law in Iraq, literacy and school environment

Tammuz Organization organized a workshop for university students to express their opinions about the shape of the modern civil state


How do you rate the role of civil society organizations to discuss draft laws?
 Effective role

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Fixed and variable in the 2014 elections .. Analysis Sakoboltk


Dr. Qasim Hussein Saleh

Fixed and variable in the 2014 elections .. Analysis Sakoboltk


  This includes analysis, which preceded the elections in April 2014 a suitable time, reading political - social - psychological, aims to provide scientific ideas will be applied to the results of a positive influence if properly employed in the electoral culture to be adopted by the national forces, democracy and religious moderate.
     The first section
What decided the outcome of the upcoming legislative elections (2014) is a battle between the fixed and variable positions in the Iraqi voter As mind individual and collective Iraqi masses As mind, and effective competition between two strategies:

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