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Ministry of Women and activists are calling for legislation laws equal between men and women

Critical Readings of law in Iraq, literacy and school environment

Tammuz Organization organized a workshop for university students to express their opinions about the shape of the modern civil state


How do you rate the role of civil society organizations to discuss draft laws?
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Young .. First


Adawia Al-Hilali

Young .. First

 Her eyes are concerned the phrase " travel balance morality " outstanding in the car when I felt the feel of real fingers trying to touch any part of her body through the aperture confined between the seat and the window.

It is obvious that the young man sitting behind them is the harasser out , it became necessary for them permission to be raised herself from him without giving up on the status of " jackets " that advised her by her father and is forced to travel alone to the university , especially since he went too far in " Hrsth " in front of silence , and began His fingers creeps slowly .. shined in her head the idea of ​​a hellish and decided to implement despite the of risk .. removed the girl from her purse pin and Greste in the back of the palm of the young man strongly Vantalegt him a terrible scream ran around the heads of the passengers did not find seemed to fabricate illness to justify Ahoppe and cry and pain 

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